There is a major difference between normal dreams and lucid ones. Normal dreams are usually something that ‘happens to you’ while lucid dreams are dreams that you are making happen. It is really a direct parallel to waking life. Is waking life ‘something that happens to you while you’re making other plans’? Or are you choosing to be aware of the choices you’re making to create that life how you choose?

Lucid dreams aren’t just for fun or entertainment (even though they’re some of the most fun you’ll even have!) They have many practical applications, and they are also a tool for increasing your spiritual awareness in day to day life. The sense of freedom and self-empowerment you experience through lucid dreaming carries over into waking life, where you find yourself making conscious decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

Becoming lucid is not just a skill or a hobby. It can be a path of awareness too, a path that is available to all people regardless of any other beliefs they may hold; scientific, religious or otherwise. Because everyone dreams! Dreams are a common reference point between all people, and thus lucid dreaming is an accessible practice that can truly help anyone improve or enjoy their life.

Or should I say lives..? We have both a waking and a dreaming life, but how aware are we being in either? Most of us don’t even remember much of our dreaming lifeā€¦ and when we think about it, our memory of waking life often isn’t up to scratch either. When we don’t remember something, it’s like it didn’t happen at all! What is a waste of our awareness. The choice is clear. GET LUCID!

2 Responses to "Lucid Dreaming as a Path of Awareness"

  • Great post! This is an important topic that, in my opinion, isn’t as understood as it should be. I would love to see many more people taking advantage of this precious renewable resource that we all have access to. Not only is it fun, not only is it path to expnaded awareness, but it can be a tool for healing, both individually and collectively. For example, a tribe of people living in Mayasia, the Senoi, were very skilled dreamworkers. They had a peaceful society where everyone was happy and healthy. Yet there was a violent warrior tribe nearby and they feared their dreams. Certainly we are a violent culture that doesn’t understand our dreams, we could help the world by dreaming.

  • I couldn’t agree more, dreams are something we all have in common and unite us on deep levels. I was just thinking today what an amazingly different world we’d live in if children were taught to value and use their dreams. There is such a wealth of inspiration within us that can help solve the problems of this world and help create a better reality for everyone. But that is currently in the hands of comparitively few brave souls. Well, more power to ’em!

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