Reality Dreaming

Manifest Your Dreams into Reality with aReal Magick Shamanism Apprenticeship   Opportunity is a funny thing… it sometimes comes when you least expect it, but it always seems to come at the right time. So why do we hesitate? The problem is not so much a lack of opportunity, but more that most of us are so busy floating through life half-asleep that we miss the opportunities that do present themselves… What wasted gifts! Well consider this your wake up call..! “All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimeter of chance that pops out in

A few years ago I had the experience of dreaming in Zen! For those unfamiliar with Zen stories, they are often short but insightful tales about experiences that have helped people realize the truth… (I recommend Zen Flesh Zen Bones by Alan Watts, a great collection of Zen stories.) But I was fortunate enough to bring this one back from the dream world! I saw it from the eyes of the characters and third person simultaneously, but here is my attempt at a written version… Enjoy! …A travelling zen monk was passing through a city one day, when he was

Today I need to ask you an VERY important question… What do *you* do when something in your life isn’t going the way you want? Do you get frustrated, disappointed, upset, complain, and otherwise waste your energy in futile arguments with yourself as to why it “shouldn’t be this way”? Or do you consistently persevere with your intentions and continue to put your energy into finding solutions and follow through – without needing to indulge in negative emotional reactions to a situation? WAIT, before you answer… let’s reframe the entire situation… if it were a dream, or even a nightmare,

There is a major difference between normal dreams and lucid ones. Normal dreams are usually something that ‘happens to you’ while lucid dreams are dreams that you are making happen. It is really a direct parallel to waking life. Is waking life ‘something that happens to you while you’re making other plans’? Or are you choosing to be aware of the choices you’re making to create that life how you choose? Lucid dreams aren’t just for fun or entertainment (even though they’re some of the most fun you’ll even have!) They have many practical applications, and they are also a