Today I need to ask you an VERY important question…

What do *you* do when something in your life isn’t going the way you want?

Do you get frustrated, disappointed, upset, complain, and otherwise waste your energy in futile arguments with yourself as to why it “shouldn’t be this way”?

Or do you consistently persevere with your intentions and continue to put your energy into finding solutions and follow through – without needing to indulge in negative emotional reactions to a situation?

WAIT, before you answer… let’s reframe the entire situation… if it were a dream, or even a nightmare, and yet you *knew* you had the power to change it instantly, would that change your answer? Wouldn’t you just change it to what you DO want?

Now, there is a lucid dreaming technique called “spinning a new dream” where you simply start spinning, and while doing so imagine the experience you want to have, and when you stop spinning – there it is! Awesome. Very handy…

*** Now I bet that’s a skill we’d all like to have in waking life! ***

But hang on… it’s been said that “all life is a dream” (or an illusion if you prefer) anyway, so what’s the difference? Why *can’t* we do this in our waking life? Is it really that the “solidity” of physical reality is so convincing when quantum physics has that all “matter” is just energy vibrating at different frequencies? Or is there something else going on here..?

To me the real difference is when we are lucid, when we *know* we are dreaming, we *remember* that we have the power to change it. But when we are are awake, we can simply *forget* that we have the power to create our reality as we choose.

Now I’m not saying it will be an instant change, but what I am suggesting is that according to the degree of our own personal power (or our “connecting link with intent”) we far more easily remember that we *can* change reality and instead of wasting our energy doubting that, we put the same energy into just *doing it.*

To that end, shamans throughout history have devised practices that though diverse in form, could be said to have one thing is common – they all build our personal power, and thus increase our ability to remember – to *know* – that what we create in our life is within our choosing.

So if this is something you’re interested in, it might be time to consider taking up some form of practice like this… Of course there’s many different spiritual practices out there that may do this in various ways, however if you want a guided class with an experienced teacher that will help you develop your abilities
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If you feel it’s a time in your life where you want to be able to make a real and lasting change in the way you create you life, it could be just the ticket…