“Both psychological and physical illnesses could largely be avoided through dream therapy…”
– Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.247

Again, few people realize the healing power available through dreams, and it can come in a number of ways. Many such issues are dealt with in the dream state naturally, whether we become conscious of such processes or not, and yet there are others that require a greater degree of our conscious focus and which, having been ignored, manifest as health problems.

What is less often realized is that there are innumerable healers available on the Astral via the dream state, both general and specialized. If so, why aren’t we healed automatically? Well, in many cases we are and just don’t remember it. Other illnesses may remain because the issues behind them remain unresolved. Only our conscious desire to recognize and resolve these will get us healed and keep us healed.

That is why the secret I hinted at earlier is so important. What is it? It is asking! By asking for assistance you are consciously acknowledging the need to resolve an issue, and this is the primary opening needed for healing to take place. However, it would not be wise to expect continual repeat healings without changing the root causes of imbalance in your life.

You may be wondering how astral healing can fix your physical body or what your life issues have to do with it. Basically, the health of your physical body is the result of the energetic condition of your subtler bodies. By resolving the life issue on a causal level, it no longer affects your mental body and astral body, and thus no longer manifests on a physical level. Any healing that takes place on the astral body will manifest on a physical level too, as it flows on from its energy configuration.

This is also why illness can return after any form of healing. The causal issue needs to be dealt with or it can simply remanifest after a while. This may seem scary if you don’t know or can’t work out what the issue is yet. But relax! You are momentarily forgetting our secret… Ask! Of course your dreaming self will tell you, or else find someone to tell you.

“Ask and it shall be given you.”
– Jesus, Mathew 7:7

So again, all you need to do for this technique is write down something to the effect of ‘I am having problems with my …… and would like to see the Spirit Healers tonight about its healing and its cause, and remember it when I wake up.’ Use whatever words you like, repeat it three times mentally before sleep, and let it go in the faith you will be seen to. Depending on your dream recall, you may or may not remember the resulting session. Either is okay. As with before, things have a way of working themselves out.

You can always repeat the process if you have an urgent problem, and you can always clarify the resolution by request too. In fact, if you are willing, there are very few things that you would not give yourself if you ask your dreaming self! By these two practices you may better learn to remember to ask when you need assistance – a truly valuable skill for anyone anywhere!

To finish this section, here is some general health advice for the spiritually inclined:

“You must structure your working time so that physical and mental stress is kept at bay … life must flow naturally, and you must flow accordingly. If you push life, or if life pushes you, disharmony will follow. Live each day in a calm, easy, relaxed manner. Let whatever happens happen. If you wish to remain well, avoid stress at all costs.”
– Guide, Spiritual Journeys