This is perhaps the easiest technique for solving any problem in your life that you have or ever will have. It could be anything! You may have heard of this technique and perhaps given it a thought or two before dismissing it. Or you may even have tried it. But generally I think most people fail to see the power in its simplicity…

“Using proper suggestion, the personality will work out specific problems in the dream state… The suggestions will be followed by the sleeping self in its own fashion.”
– Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.247

All you need to do is write down whatever problem you have. By defining the problem you are opening space for the solution. Then, as you are falling asleep tonight, ask that your dreaming self find the solution, and that you will remember it when you wake up. Repeat the request up to three times and then let it go in the trust that you will act upon it while dreaming. That’s it!

Consider for a moment why this works so well. Your dreaming self has access to a vastly larger reality and consciousness. It can use internal resources very effectively to work out a solution and even ‘externalize’ the problem in a dream and act out a solution. Time in dreams is much more flexible also, so there is more than enough opportunity for trial and error if it is needed.

When you wake up, it is highly likely you will remember the solution you were seeking, though it may not be in a complete form or one you recognize initially. Sometimes your memory will be triggered upon completion of small steps. And sometimes you won’t consciously remember anything, but find out later you had the solution.

“If the solution is not clear to the [conscious] ego, this does not necessarily mean the solution was not found. There will be cases where it is not only unnecessary but undesirable that the ego be familiar with the solution… [which] may not appear in the way it expects. The conscious self may not even recognize it has been given a solution, and yet may act upon it.”
– Seth, Seth, Dreams and Projections in Consciousness p.247

There are many possibilities, but rest assured, progress will have been made. Your dreaming self will gladly assist itself as it is you! If you are really stuck working it out, you can always request a clearer dream explanation the next night. Even if you don’t remember a thing, it doesn’t mean nothing happened. It will have. You will most likely be telling me next week that the problem went away, or as good as ‘solved itself’!