In this section I’d like to provide some simple, practical techniques so that you can get a sense of the amazing benefits available through Astral Experience. The title of this eBook is not hyped-up sales copy (surprise-shock!) – I really am going to show you ‘what it can do for you today’ (or tonight if you really want to be literal.) Instead of going into Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming techniques here, we are going to use the inherent power of Dreaming to improve your life.

But you dream every night, right? Yes, but we are going to do it differently, using a little ‘secret’. Well, perhaps it’s not that secret. You may even have heard about it before. Maybe the really ‘secret’ part about it is actually using it because it works! But I’ll let you in on what I’m talking about in a minute. Here, for your own benefit, I’d like to encourage you to actually do one of these exercises tonight! The results will speak for themselves.