While it is true there are none of the usual moral or behavioural boundaries on the Astral, this does not mean actions are without consequence. Like attracts like in a much more direct way there, so “do unto others as you would have done unto you” takes on a whole new meaning. Sadomasochism aside, this generally means not abusing other entities if you don’t want to be on the receiving end fairly quickly.

In other words, whatever energies you put out you while travelling will affect your experience too. Your own vibratory rate changes in accord with your intent and you will attract energies on that level too. This natural law provides an inherent order to the Astral Realms, grouping those of similar awareness and intent. This is not to say anyone cannot visit other planes to their ‘home’ station. There is a natural tendency for learning which draws one higher.

What it does mean is that those with higher vibrations will generally not have their own learning process interfered with by less than desirable influences. Some astral teachers need to lower their vibrations to reach their students, and depending on the vibratory difference this can require some effort. But the belief that there is an astral ‘police force’ which punishes ‘bad’ projectors is a myth. Higher authorities or entities rarely find need to intervene with the natural order unless such assistance is specifically requested.

Instead, everyone answers to themselves, and it all comes down to intent. You may be able to hide less-than-sincere intentions behind the shield of your dense physical body in physical life, but when it comes to the Astral, keeping up with such self-deception is barely possible. So the basic good advice is to at all times act in with good intent. Respect and courtesy follow naturally. (Hey, that’s good advice for physical life too after all.)

So while you won’t be banned or grounded for ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, you may ‘ban’ or ‘ground’ yourself from further experiences if your actions are based on ill intent and you experience their unsavoury repercussions, as this will naturally generate an aversion. It is well to understand that ‘appropriate behaviour’ is a social construct that changes between places and times, but actions that involve abusive or violatory aspects are universally ‘unlawful’ in that they will have natural consequences to the ‘perpetrator’.

The majority of projectors have their own spiritual interests and standard of conduct already, though there will always be those in any field tempted to abuse their own abilities, especially where there is no moral or ethical restrictions. It can be said however that while there is nothing wrong with using your experiences for personal gain (abundance creates more abundance) it is another matter when that gain at the expense of another’s loss. This need never be the case.

If it be considered that repeated invasion of privacy for other than well-intentioned purposes will draw similar invasions of your privacy, it is highly likely you would refrain from such endeavours. The same consideration can be applied to any type of abusive or violatory behaviour. In short, if it doesn’t feel good to someone else, it won’t feel good to you, and vice versa.

Further, giving complete unhindered control of yourself over to passions and emotional urges during projection will start to affect your energetic field, making prolonged travelling more difficult and unstable, and eventually cutting it very short indeed. Anger, fear, greed and sexual obsession are perhaps the most common of these issues, but of course it differs between individuals. I believe it is far more advisable to explore any such issues first through dreams and Lucid Dreaming, for projection requires a clearer and more controlled disposition.

The final word is, if your intent is good, not to be worried or concerned over this issue at all. Most people are far more worried about others doing ‘wrong’ than they themselves. (Is not this phenomenon more commonly called ‘moral outrage’?) You will soon find out for yourself the natural order in the astral environment and that each entity answers to themselves in one way or another, and that this is in fact the fastest and most effective way for each to learn and progress.