Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs) are just that, as I’ve already said. You, your consciousness, is out of your physical body. Again, these can be spontaneous episodes (not consciously called for) or intentional ones. As mentioned earlier, the term is often used instead of Etheric Projection. Or it can be used for an ‘unconscious’ separation or even for an Astral Projection, but again it is not the most helpful term. An ‘OOBE’ may or may not lead to experiences in the Astral Plane beyond the Etheric. This is the distinction I like to make anyway, as it really does avoid confusion.

A Near Death Experience (NDE) is a type of OOBE that is brought about when a person survives a close brush with death. It generally occurs during accidents or acute illness. Technically speaking it is an Etheric Projection, as when a person’s body is near death, a large amount of etheric matter is channelled into the astral body in preparation for the death process. People often report seeing their life flash before them during an NDE. Many people also experience travelling inside a dark tunnel towards a light and/or floating over their physical body, aware of what is happening in real-time.

This pattern is unaltered by a person’s culture or belief system, religion, race, education, or any other known variable. The massive amount of research on NDEs constitutes the most scientific proof that consciousness survives bodily death. A Gallup survey estimates that more than 8 million Americans have had NDEs. It is no wonder that after having an NDE, most people develop a strong belief in life after death.

Fortunately, we don’t need to experience an N-D-E to have O-O-B-E. That would really S-U-C-K. (Of course that doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just these capital letters can really get out of hand. 🙂 ) Projectors learn to consciously have an experience without needing to undergo life-or-death situations (unlike in the movie Flatliners, which is an interesting example of this. Check it out sometime.) Far more convenient really!