This eBook is written in light of many books on these subjects, to which I have added my own insights. It is intended to give the essence of the more important and interesting considerations regarding Astral Experiences. I have chosen a progressive format to provide the relevant background information for later practical application. To my knowledge it is the most in-depth introduction to these subjects, covering of the most interesting philosophical points and questions about Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming.

Its value is thus in preparing you by informing about Astral Experience, and so it is a necessary and integral part of the course. This knowledge is the basis from which your experiences will spring. Sometimes just reading about these subjects can trigger an experience, and I wish that good fortune upon you! (It will help to imagine what it would be like and wonder about the possibility of doing it.)

Whether it does happen spontaneously or not (or perhaps it has and that’s why you’re reading this…), for consistently good results we still need to practice. All content of a practical and experiential nature is dealt with in the full Ultimate Astral Experience course in similar or deeper detail. I highly recommend you follow through with reading this book whether you decide you purchase the course or not, it is highly likely you will learn something new, regardless of your experience level!

Up until now, introductory information of this quality has not been in one place. (I know this having checked.) Even if you are already familiar with these subjects in general, I would advise reading all of this eBook from the start, as it clears up many common misconceptions, gives a through overview, and incorporates many new insights.

Rather than spend overlong on basic or common questions, here is a short list of points that cover the majority of those not dealt with in depth later:

Anyone can learn to Astral Project or Lucid Dream at will. It does not depend on age, race, genetics, social or cultural conditions, ethical, moral, religious or scientific values.

Astral Experience of itself does not change your religious, philosophical or scientific beliefs. As always, the decision to believe or not believe anything remains in your hands.

As with anything in life, some people learn some skills faster than others. Everyone is different. There is no set time for learning Projection or Lucid Dreaming at will. But it is true that some ways of learning are faster than others! (And I prefer finding them.)

Accurate information and advice, as well as improved techniques, will greatly assist the learning process. The rest is the consistent practice that flows from your determination.

And lastly, it’s not my intention here to present any argument to convince anyone of the validity or actuality of these experiences. Those who’ve had them know what they’ve experienced is ‘real’ and only a very narrow viewpoint of what ‘reality’ is could ignore or deride the overwhelming volume of documented and correlating evidence available. Entirely unscientific really! There have been many cases of people seeing objects, places or events while projecting, and being able to tell others about them, and even scientifically conducted experiments with completely accurate results. (Eileen Garrett and Edgar Cayce are perhaps the two best documented cases I know of, amongst many others.)

But then, no such proof will suffice to change anyone’s belief – until there is some opening to the possibility that what one believes might not be true! Otherwise one simply stays hypnotized by what one believes. I hope the irony to such a situation is immediately obvious. It remains for the sceptic to accept such basic psychology. It’s not exactly a huge leap of faith to ask ‘what if?’

So I invite everyone to conduct their own investigation and exploration into the exciting realms that await. It’s far more rewarding and exciting to find out for yourself anyway! And it’s really a natural urge after all. The only equipment you’ll need is an open mind and a little determination. I hope I can but help point the way.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I have chosen the term ‘Astral Experience’ intentionally to more conveniently refer to both Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming at once. Well, that’s it for this little intro… enjoy the book!