Probably the greatest thing about Lucid Dreaming is that once you recognize you’re inside a dream, you can change or create whatever you like. By becoming aware of your ability to choose and exercising that will, you can experience just what you want to experience! If you consider that for a moment, you’ll see it’s a very powerful idea. Not many people get a chance to experience their desires with such little effort.

It really is like your own ‘Personal Virtual Reality’, a holodeck with flexibility and realism far exceeding the most advanced of computer simulations. The possibilities that open up for exploring the your own fantasies, ideas, inventions, creativity, knowledge, self-growth and insights are truly mind-boggling to begin with. With so many options and applications, it can easily become a matter of where to start!

But at the same time, I think this is best thing about lucid dreams – you can do anything, and I mean anything! There aren’t any limits or boundaries to your experiences as there are here in the physical world. Nor is there a time delay to what you decide to manifest – everything is created virtually instantly as you put forth your desire for it. It’s hard to describe just how fulfilling and freedom engendering this kind of experience is. Not to mention really really really fun!!!