The really good news is that you can intentionally instigate or ‘induce’ lucid dreams. There are two main ways of doing this. With some training, you can enter directly into a lucid dream from the waking state. This is called ‘Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming’ or WILD for short. This technique is very similar to many astral projection techniques in that you consciously transition from the waking to the sleeping state.

But most lucid dreaming techniques involve learning to ‘wake up’ within a normal dream, at which point you decide what you want to do from there. This is called ‘Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming’ or DILD. There are a number of different ways of doing this, and some are more effective than others. Whatever you use to remind you that you’re dreaming, there is usually a point where your conscious awareness is triggered, or in other words you have a ‘lucid moment’.

For most lucid dreamers, various DILD techniques are the common practice, and with some experience one can then train in getting good at the WILD method. WILDs are typically sought after because they are on average as mind-blowing or moreso as fully lucid DILD experiences. They have also been called ‘Lucid Dream Projections’ because you are projecting directly into a lucid dream with full awareness.